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DENT 500
Course Period: 
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Course Objectives: 
To develop an understanding of the determination of the requirement of the management of a dental office and professional behavior in dealing with the patient.
Course Methodology: 
1. Conference 2. Sample cases 3. Problem solving 4. Discussion 5. Presentation 6. Group studies
Course Evaluation Methods: 
1. Presentation 2. Assignment 3. Application

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Course Learning Outcomes

Learning outcomes  Program Learning outcomes  Teaching methods  Assessment methods 
By the end of this course, the student should be able to;       
Describe the fundamental steps in the establishment of a dental office 1,3,14 1,2,3 3
Define the risks associated with the dental profession 1,3,14 1,2,3 3
Explain the management of financial affairs in the dental Office. 1,3,14 1,2,3 3
Describe the correct attitude and approach in different case scenarios encountered in clinical practice.  1,3,14 1,2,3 3

Course Flow

Week  Topics  Preliminary studies 
1 Determination of the clinic location Recommended resources 
2 Selection of the materials to be used in decoration Recommended resources 
3 Selection of the clinical equipment, how to choose the brands,...etc. Recommended resources 
4 Waiting area designing and locating in the clinic, points to be careful about... Recommended resources 
5 Forming and choosing the dental team Recommended resources 
6 Patient-Dentist Relationship


Recommended resources 
7 Risks of being dentist; medically, socialy... Recommended resources 
Finances at the dental clinic; budget, capital,running costs, fixed cost, etc...


Recommended resources 
9 Finances at the dental clinic. Part II


Recommended resources 
10 Guest speaker; a succesful dentist among Yeditepe graduates- how to be a succesful dentist


Recommended resources 
11 Calculating the budget of starting a new dental clinic of different sizes Recommended resources 

Interactive workshop; scenarios at the dental clinic

Recommended resources 
13 Interactive workshop; scenarios at the dental clinic Recommended resources 
14 General review Recommended resources 

Recommended Sources

Course hand-outs Provided by the instructor
Other resources  Other resources recommended by the instructor 

Material Sharing

Documents  Cases provided by  the instructor
Assignments  Discussion topics to be given to students when necessary 
Examinations  1 mid-term exam + 1 final exam  


Assignment  - -
Mid-term assignment  1 %50
Final assignment  1 %50
Total  2 %100
Contribution of finals to overall success  1 %50
Contribution of mid-terms to overall success  1 %50

Course’s Contribution to Program

No Program learning outcomes   Level of contribution 
1 2 3 4 5  
1 Planning and managing teamwork in the practice, taking into consideration patient safety and clinical risk management.         x  
2 Using principles of medical ethics  in all patients and using ethical decision making principles in solving ethical issues.         x  
3 Applying ethical principles in all patients and using ethical decision making principles in solving ethical issues         x  


COURSE CATEGORY  Specialty  / Area courses
Activity  NO Duration
(Hours )
Total workload
(Hours )
Course duration   14 14 14
Duration of studies outsid the class (Preliminary studies/Enhancement ) 4 1 4
Assignment  3 1 3
Mid-term assignment  2 1 2
Final assignment  2 1 2
Total workload      25
Total workload  / 25 (h)     1
ECTS credits of the course      1