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International Student Admission Criteria for Faculty of Dentistry


  1. Personal statement

  2. Letter of recommendation (minimum 2)

  3. Academic Transcripts: Average Science (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology) GPA: 3.3

  4. English proficiency:

  • TOEFL minimum score: 79 (TOEFL Computer-Based: 213; TOEFL Classical: 550) or Qualification exam at Yeditepe University minimum score: 60.

  • TOEFL HOME EDITION, IELTS, DUOLINGO, PTE exams are not accepted.

  • If taking the TOEFL exam in Turkey, valid exam centers are YEDITEPE UNIVERSITY, ISTANBUL TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY (ITU), and METU (METU).

  • TOEFL exam takers must use institution code 7050 for Yeditepe University. Results must be sent directly to the Preparatory School by the TOEFL Center for acceptance.

Important note:

a) TOMER B2 certificate must be provided at the beginning of the 5th semester before starting treatments on patients.

b) Candidates unable to provide proof of English proficiency on time may apply for an interview by including a valid declaration in their personal statement. Those deemed sufficient in the interview will be directed to the "Qualification exam at Yeditepe University."


Dental Admission Test (DAT) in the USA: Minimum score: 19

Advanced placement: General Chemistry, Biology, Physics B, C: Minimum score: 3

IB Credit: High Level Chemistry, High Level Biology, High Level Organic Chemistry, High Level Physics, High Level Math: Minimum score: 5

Turkish proficiency: TOMER C1

SAT Maths-English: Minimum score: 1300


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