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Internal diseases, disorders and syndromes (IMDDSs) occur more frequently with the increasing life expectancy of the population. Accordingly, the number of IMDDSs encountered in patients seeking dental treatment also increases. This course gives students a foundation for understanding internal diseases which directly affect the oral and para-oral structures as well as common medical disorders and how to alter dental treatment in patients with common complex medical conditions. The theoretical course content includes fundamentals of disease in molecular and cellular basis, Infectious diseases, diseases of the cardiovascular system, endocrine system, gastrointestinal system, liver and biliary system, hematologic system, rheumatoid system, emergency medicine, geriatric medicine, pulmonary system diseases, urinary system diseases
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  1. Assess the patient's physical status prior to treatment: this includes taking a patient history, physical examination, vital signs, laboratory data and imaging results and understanding the relationship between the patient’s medical status. 
  2. Recognize the orofacial manifestations of systemic disease and be familiar with the management of patients who present in this way
  3. Discuss the treatment options with the patient
  4. Evaluate the severity of the oral and maxillofacial infection
  5. Provide posttherapetic care and determine the need for additional follow up therapy and/or referral to a specialist.
  6. Assess oral manifestations of autoimmune and psychosomatic diseases

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Course Learning Outcomes

The course addresses the following competencies of the Faculty of Dentistry:

By the end of the course, the student should;

#1.4. Utilize rules of clinical reasoning and clinical decision making in the treatment planning of patients. 

#6.1. Manage the oral health care of the infant, child, adolescent, and adult, as well as the unique needs of women, geriatric, and special needs patients.

#6.2. Obtain a thorough patient history, make a correct examination and utilize the necessary auxiliary diagnostic tools for the diagnosis of oral and dental diseases and make an interpretation on the relationship between patients’ general health condition and dental treatment planning.

#6.4. Select, obtain, and interpret patient/medical data, including a thorough intra/extra oral examination, and use these findings to accurately assess and manage all patients.

#6.6. Recognize the manifestations of systemic disease and how the disease and its management may affect the delivery of dental care.

#6.7. Formulate a comprehensive diagnosis, treatment, and/or referral plan for the management of patients.

#6.9. Make clinical decisions taking into consideration clinical expertise, patient values, best research results, systematic reviews and evidence based dental applications. 

#7.3. Have knowledge of the diseases processes such as infection, inflammation, disorders of the immune system, degeneration, neoplasia, metabolic disturbances and genetic disorders. 

#7.4. Have adequate amount of knowledge on pharmacology and therapeutics relevant to clinical dental practice and its application thereto, and be familiar with pharmacology in general medicine.

Course Flow

Theoretical Course Content (7th semester): Thursday 14:00-15:50p.m., 4th year classroom


1 05.10.2020 Respiratory System Diseases Dr. Banu Salepçi

E-mail: banu.salepci@yeditepe.edu.tr

Telefon: 0533 311 95 27

2 12.10.2020 Gastrointestinal System Diseases Prof.Dr. Meltem Ergün

E-mail: meltem.ergun@yeditepe.edu.tr

Tel: 0539 916 81 33 

3 19.10.2020 Cardiyovascular System Diseases Dr. Öğretim Üyesi Ayça Türer Cabbar

E-mail: ayca.turer@yeditepe.edu.tr

Tel: 0505 869 28 50

4 26.10.2020 Romatologic Diseases Prof. Dr. Müge Bıçakçıgil Kalaycı

E-mail: mbicakcigil@yeditepe.edu.tr

Tel: 0532 550 05 30

5 02.11.2020 Endokrinological Diseases Prof. Dr. Hasan Aydın

E-mail: haydin@ditepe.edu.tr

Tel: 0533 243 08 51

6 09.11.2020 Hypertention and Kidney Diseases Prof.Dr. Gülçin Kantarcı

E-mail: gkantarci@yeditepe.edu.tr

Tel: 0532 643 20 21

7 16.11.2020 Hematological Diseases Prof.Dr.Hasan Atilla Özkan

E-mail: atilla.ozkan@yeditepe.edu.tr

Tel: 0532 671 80 29

8 23.11.2020 Midterm Exam Dr. Öğr. Üyesi Arzu Güntürk
9 30.11.2020 Emergency Diseases Prof.Dr. Sezgin Sarıkaya

E-mail: sarikaya@yeditepe.edu.tr

Tel: 0542 628 04 69 

10 07.12.2020 Dental Infections -1 Prof.Dr.Meral Sönmez

E-mail: msonmezoglueditepe.edu.tr

Tel: 0532 343 77 06

11 14.12.2020 Dental Infections -2 Prof. Dr.Meral Sönmez
12 21.12.2020 syncope Dr. Öğr. Üyesi Arzu Güntürk

E-mail: arzu.gunturkeditepe.edu.tr

Tel: 0532 366 97 66

13 29.12.2020 Upgrading Exam Dr. Öğr. Üyesi Arzu Güntürk

E-mail: arzu.gunturkeditepe.edu.tr

Tel: 0532 366 97 66

14 5.01.2020 Final Exam Dr. Öğr. Üyesi Arzu Güntürk

E-mail: arzu.gunturkeditepe.edu.tr

Tel: 0532 366 97 66