Our mission;

It is to be a corporate structure that provides quality services, improves the oral and dental health of the community by focusing on patient safety and research, is based on social service consciousness, is devoted to humanistic and ethical principles, applies scientific knowledge and research results, meets patient needs and expectations, and trains competent dentist who are going to serve the community." 

Our vision:

It is to be the leading Oral and Dental Health Application and Research Center at national and international level, that

Contributes to development of oral and dental health practices with its education and research studies,

Provides the best services in the diagnosis and treatment of oral and dental diseases by using all the possibilities of modern dentistry

Provides quality oral and dental care to our patients without compromising ethical principles and by respecting patient rights,

Trains expert dentists by providing continuous improvement opportunities for all of its employees,

Provides a humanistic working environment that respects environmental health and keeps preventive health services in the foreground.

Our quality policy;

Our quality policy is to be an Oral and Dental Health Practice and Research Center which is exemplified in the field with respect to its approach to health services, service presentation style and continuous quality improvement activities.

Purpose of Dental Education Training;

Training dentists who have the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes about diagnosis and treatment of oral dental health and the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, have acquired the ability of problem solving by critical thinking, adapt to ethical and legal rules, carry out professional responsibilities effectively and safely, and believe in the importance of education.