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Restorative Dentistry  is the branch that carries out the diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of all diseases that are related to dental hard tissues. It deals with the etiology, pathology, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of dental hard tissue defects caused by caries, abrasion, erosion, attrition, abfraction, anomalies, enamel hypoplasia and restoration of endodontically treated teeth. It provides the esthetic, phonetic and functional requirements of the patients by using the current  restorative materials such as CAD/CAM and Adhesive Dentistry. Conservative treatment of physiological and pathological tooth discolorations are managed by individual bleaching techniques. Esthetic Dentistry is also among the fields of application of this department.​ Problems associated with tooth alignment, color, shape, length and position modification, diastema closure, restoration of fractured teeth and smile design are performed with the use of composite veneers and porcelain laminates that aims to achieve long term restorations with minimal tooth preparation.  It is also relevant to the preventative procedure involving fluoride application in order to minimise the risk of developing cavities and enamel loss.

Prof. Dr. Esra CAN   (Head of Department)

Prof. Dr. Mübin SOYMAN  

Prof. Dr. Haktan YURDAGÜVEN

Assoc. Dr. Ali Kağan GÖKÇE

Dr. Öğr. Üyesi  Mustafa ERSOY

Dr. Öğr. Üyesi Burcu DİKİCİ 

Dr. Öğr. Üyesi Nazlı ŞİRİNSÜKAN

Dr. Öğr. Üyesi Elif TÜRKEŞ BAŞARAN

Öğr. Gör. Dr. Zeynep BATU