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The Department of Pediatric Dentistry Clinics treats patients  between 0-15 years of age, including all preventive applications and dental treatment procedures. Specialist doctors of pediatric dentistry conduct first oral examinations, preventive applications for dental caries, the necessary treatment and restoration of teeth requiring treatment, and the treatment and follow-up of teeth injury due to trauma. In addition, our clinic also offers space retainers using fixed and removable appliances.  The primary and permanent teeth exhibiting extreme erosion can be restored using strip crowns, prefabricated zirconia crowns or stainless steel crowns. CAD-CAM systems can be used for the restoration of permanent teeth of our adolescent patients. Our patients also undergo orthodontic evaluation; interceptive and preventive orthodontic treatment using removable appliances can be employed in required cases. We offer oral hygiene training and motivation modules to patients and parents of all age groups, dietary analysis for our patients and devise personal diet plans based on this analysis. 

Treatment under general anesthesia is offered for patients who are too young and/or may not behave cooperatively during regular treatment despite the application behavioral inducement techniques, and for our  patients. These operations are conducted in an operating room setting, where anesthesia is administered by an MD who specializes in pediatric anesthesiology and his team. Under general anesthesia, all necessary preventive, treatment and extraction procedures are applied, including the placement of space maintainers for primary teeth that had to be extracted prematurely. This treatment under general anesthesia provides complete oral rehabilitation, followed by periodic controls.

All of our patients, whose treatments are completed in our clinic, are registered in the patient recall system.  Our system determines the periodicity of follow-up control after treatment, based on a personal risk calculation of the patient. This individualized approach enables the immediate addressing of new treatment needs that may occur in the patient. These examination sessions also enable the periodic administration of preventive applications against dental caries for our patients.

Prof. Dr. Senem SELVİ KUVVETLİ (Head of Department)
Doç. Dr. Zerrin HATİPOĞLU
Öğretim Görevlisi Gökçen Deniz BAYRAK
Öğretim Görevlisi Kübra TONGUÇ ALTIN
Öğretim Görevlisi Dr. Derya TABAKÇILAR

Öğretim Görevlisi Dr. Elif YAMAN DOSDOĞRU