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Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery undergraduate program starts at 3rd year. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery is a surgical specialty which involves the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, injuries, and defects involving both the functional and aesthetic aspects of the hard and soft tissues of the head and neck region. They include simple tooth extarctions, unerupted teeth extractions, dental implant placement,  treatment methods of jaw cyst and tumors, ortognathic surgery operations and temporamandibular joint disease treatments. Undegraduate students only do basic extractions and in the 5 th year they make a surgery room rotation. Post graduate students do advanced surgical procedures such as extraction of impacted teeth, dental implants, sinüs lifting procedures, treatment of jaw cyst and tumors, preprosthetic surgeries and treatment of jaw fractures.

Prof. Dr. Nurhan GÜLER (Head Of Department)

Prof. Dr. Ceyda ÖZÇAKIR TOMRUK (Vice Dean)

Assoc. Dr. Fatih CABBAR (Medical Director)

Prof. Dr. Ahmet Hamdi ARSLAN

Assoc. Dr. Ediz DENİZ

Assoc. Dr. M. Çağrı BURDURLU

Assist. Prof. Dr. Volkan Çağrı DAĞAŞAN