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        The Oral Diagnosis and Radiology Clinics is the clinic where we first admit our patients. It is the clinic where the oral, dental and mucosal diseases are diagnosed using auxilary examination methods, the most appropriate treatrment plan is prepared directed towards healing these tissues and patients are referred to specialty clinics where they will receive treatment. Additionally, examination of the anatomy and diseases of the oral mucosa, prevention of diseases regarding these tissues and diagnosis and treatment are carried out by Oral Diagnosis and Radiology specialists. 

        We strive to provide the best service to our patients by using contemporary dental and radiology devices.  Patients who visit our faculy are initially examined by specialist dentists in the Oral diagnosis and radiology clinics according to their complaints, prior to receiving treatment. If necessary, they are directed to the radiology clinics for x-rays and their individual treatment planning is made in detail. It is a new tomography device especially designed for head and neck region. The desired area can be imaged 3-dimensionally with the patient exposed to much less radiation. 

Prof. Dr. Dilhan İLGÜY (Head of Department)

Prof. Dr. Zehra Semanur DÖLEKOĞLU

Assoc. Dr. Nilüfer ERSAN

Dr. Fatmanur KETENCİ