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The most inner side of every teeth has a nerve tissue which provides nurtition and protection to tooth hard tissues. This nerve tissue is called pulp. It starts from crown part of the tooth and extends until the tip of the root. Endodontics is a discipline which deals with the treatment of diseases caused by the pulp tissue.

It was believed that; inflammed tooth could cause damage and disease in other parts of the body. Thats why those teeth were used to extract. Although there is no major changes made in treatment protocol, thanks to technological developments in radiographic imaging and development in root canal instruments , today there is a chance to treate those inflammed teeth with success. 

Prof. Dr. R. Figen KAPTAN  (Head of Department) 

Prof. Dr. Meriç KARAPINAR KAZANDAĞ (Vice Dean) 

Prof. Dr. Jale TANALP 

Assoc.Dr. Elif Delve BAŞER CAN 

Assist. Prof. Dr. Emre ÖVSAY 

Assist Prof. Dr. Güher BARUT 

Assist Prof. Dr. Tuba AYHAN 

Dr. Vahide Hazal YARGICI

Dr. Beliz ÖZEL