Yeditepe University Faculty of Dentistry is the first Dental Faculty of a Foundation University in Turkey.The goal of our faculty is to bring up laique, contemporary, investigative and innovative dental practitioners with full commitment to Atatürk’s principles and Revolutions. Along with the Dental Hospital within its structure, Yeditepe University Faculty of Dentistry is not only the most modern and contemporary health institution in Turkey, but it is also one of the few examples of its kind in the world.In our Faculty which places special emphasis on postgraduate education and PhD studies in addition to undergraduate education, diversified scientific researches have been expedited to keep parallel with world standards. These studies whose results will contribute to keeping patient care at the highest Standard are conducted in the Basic Sciences Research Laboratory located in Kayışdağı August 26th campus.In addition to providing our patients with continuous superior service, during our studies regarding the bringing up of dentists at the world standards and preparation of young scientists to the world of science, our biggest support and pride is the success of our students and happiness of our patients.The language of education at the Dental Faculty is English and Turkish.Our students may benefit from clinics and laboratories equipped with the state-of –the art equipment , demanded by contemporary medicine and dentistry.Students perform their preclinical trainings on robot patients in “Simulator labs” first used in dental eduction in Turkey.The students continue their clinical education by working on real patients in the student clinics with superior physical opportunities.There are 4 operating rooms in the faculty where interventions are conducted under local and general anesthesia.Meanwhile, there is resting an post-operative care unit with 2 beds. The students have the opportunity to watch operations conducted in the operating rooms via intraoral and extra-oral cameras simultaneously, and ask the operator questions. Our faculty also has well-developed central sterilization unit at the world standards which is monitored and inspected by the academic personell and infection control unit. Diagnosis and treatment procedures are undertaken in computer-equipped units and patients take advantage of the recent developments in dental technology.

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